A House Must Have Walls.

 Will they be to keep out the ememy, who wants to kill us and to steal from us? Or will the wall be used to project images and moving stories, in which we will believe?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

TV News Lies. All Day and All Night

by guntherznads
"Television is your enemy, or rather, the deadliest weapon in your enemy's arsenal. We (useless eaters) are like well trained dogs to them. more... Television is their whistle, instead of high pitched sounds we respond to a mixture of bogus imagery, trained "eyewitnesses" and robots like Tom Brok aw .I'll never understand The "911 truth" movement......thinking that the media is what they need to wake up the masses.....they get all wet when someone like rosie o'donnel talks about building seven.SHE DON"T GIVE A FUCK....niether does charlie sheen . Turn your fucking TV off and go talk to your nieghbors, fuck everything that lie box produces.IT"S CALLED PROGRAMING FOR A REASON! "

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