A House Must Have Walls.

 Will they be to keep out the ememy, who wants to kill us and to steal from us? Or will the wall be used to project images and moving stories, in which we will believe?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Pod Theory" is misconstrued TV Fakery

Killtown had slowed the Courtesy CNN and CNN Exclusive fake 2nd hit videos down to 1fps using VirtualDub to, again, show the Podders that their beloved Pod is fake along with the plane and the rest of the video. When doing this, I discovered something that explains the appearance of a pod underneath the planes along with disappearing wings/tail, as the cartoon plane is about to melt through the cartoon building.

There are no pods or other visible anomalies on the cartoon planes when they come into view in the videos and are against the blue sky background. ALL the observed anomalies occur when the cartoon planes pass in front of the black smoke coming out of the North Tower. You can see that the "Pod" immediately forms under the plane and gets more pronounced as the cartoon plane gets closer to the cartoon South Tower. Also notice that the planes stagger awkwardly across the screen.

Killtown also believes the Courtesy CNN video was aired before the CNN Exclusive because you’ll notice what crappy quality the Courtesy CNN video is compared to Exclusive CNN’s crisp and obvious computer enhanced colors.

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